• 6 ways to enjoy your wine even more

    6 ways to enjoy your wine even more

    You work hard, you want to unwind. How to chill your bottle (fast!), why you should chill red wine, and more…

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  • Trending: oversized statement art

    Trending: oversized statement art

    Fitting pictures and mirrors, as many as you could any any sort of fashion? Remember how cool it looked? No? Well neither do I, because it didn’t! It just looks like my grandma’s breakfast nook or some sort of 50s diner. The “picture wall” is something you do not want in your house!

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  • DIY natural shampoo recipe

    DIY natural shampoo recipe

    Parabens, glycols, phthalates, petroleum compounds, sodium laurel sulfate — What the heck are these things? Well, I don’t really know, but the internet is telling me that they are bad for the skin.

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