Fall fashion hacks - thrift edition

You may remember our summer fashion hacks that included unique tying of men's button-ups, cutting off high-waist jeans and DIY crop tops. The team at Yes! decided to give the ladies of the River Valley a thrifty follow-up for the autumn season. 
Here are a few looks to keep in mind the next time you're at a local thrift shop:

1. The collar under the sweater




















Men's sweaters allow more room underneath for a button-up, and men's button-ups are also typically longer. Leave the bottom of the button-up exposed of tuck it into a skirt or high-waist pants. This look was paired with warm leggings and mocassin boots, for extra warmth.

2. Oversized button-ups























Men's patterned button-ups and flannels are a great choice to pair with colorful leggings -- women's blouses typically don't come in large enough sizes to buy oversized. Add frilly socks and waterproof boots to complete this casual look.

3. Cardigan over the summer outfit


Oversized cardigans are abundant in the men's sections of thrift shops and make perfect additions to summer outfits to make them more seasonly appropriate in the fall.
This oversized cardigan covered a short-sleeved denim top with a collar, tucked into a mini-skirt over autumn-colored tights. Earthy tones complement the typical autumn reds and oranges.

5. Layererd crotchet top























This look includes a men's button-up, which seems to be a fashion staple, underneath a lacey crotchet top from summer time. The crotchet top adds a nice accent to the outfit, and the seasonal look is completed by a men's oversized sweater and a pair of patterned leggings. The waterproof boots were found at St. Vincent's for $3, but the look could be topped with any pair of boots, really.

I may wear leggings too much, but I think they pair well with many fall looks, and they're the comfiest clothing item I've come across in my 21 clothed years.

Any other items you ladies keep your eyes peeled for when thrift shopping? What are some of your favorite fall looks or local thrift shops?
Let us know in the comments!

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