Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke have performances of a lifetime as they star in this beautiful love story based on the real life of Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis. Maud (Hawkins) is “different.” She is and always has been, in part due to a progressive battle with arthritis. Pushed to the side, she attempts to make her own way as she becomes a housekeeper for Everett (Hawke), a rough and quiet loner. Love finds its way into their hearts and the world becomes a better place for it. It’s a feel-good film that will have you laughing, gasping and crying as it touches the very core upon which you feel. Opens June 16.

— Pam Powell



Nestled in Chicago's quiet Lincoln Park neighborhood is this quaint farm-to-table restaurant. The relaxing and inviting atmosphere allows you time to savor the creative “chef-driven” menu prepared with locally grown ingredients. From flatbread with caramelized pepper bacon and grass-fed beef burgers to herb fries and salads, you’ll simply melt with every bite. Try a signature drink such as the Orange Things or a locally brewed beer to accompany your entree. In addition, Range’s Community Night gives back to the neighborhood by donating 20 percent to Chicago organizations. Feel good, eat well and park for free on the street. Your truly at home in the neighborhood gem. 1119 W. Webster St.,

— Pam Powell



One Perfect Life by Lisa Scottolin

“One Perfect Lie” by Lisa Scottoline is an absorbing thriller. Main character Chris Brennan is posing as a high school teacher and a coach, but the question is why? What are his motives and how does the high school baseball team fit into the developing plot? While the citizens of the small town go about their day-to-day lives caught up in their own personal dramas, something sinister is lurking in their idyllic town and their way of life is in jeopardy. Scottoline is a masterful storyteller, and just when the reader may think they have the plot figured out, the novel takes an unexpected turn and all bets are off.

— Lori Krecioch

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