Glossary of Guy Terms

Glossary of Guy Terms


n. / bro•cab•u•lary

Vocabulary used by bros.



n. / bro•gram•mer

A male programmer with the “trappings of a frat boy.”



n. / bro•mance

A platonic, yet loving relationship between two males.



n. / frap•par•el

Fraternity apparel, i.e. hoodies, hats, mesh shorts, tshirts, etc. that display Greek letters.




Natural or learned behaviors that allow men to seem unusually attractive to the ones they are trying to attract. Usually does not relate to physical beauty and/or attraction.




Self-explanatory. See: Pete Wentz, Jared Leto, Russell Brand, or Johnny Depp in Pirates films.



n. / #how•to•dad

A hashtag made popular by Cheerios, encouraging dads to celebrate their parenting styles.



v. / man•splain•ing

A man explaining something to a woman in a patronizing way, with confidence that he’s right because he’s a man.



adj. / man•tas•tic

How a guy feels when he does something macho.



n., / Men Going Their Own Way


Pickup Artist

n. / pick•up•art•ist

A man who has mastered the concept of “Game.” Also known as a PUA.


Rad dad

n. / rad•dad

The new breed of guitar-playing, beard-sporting, cool dads.



n. / Marketing speak for a stay-at-home dad.



n. / thats•a•clown•ques•tion•bro

A hashtag spawned by baseball player Bryce Harper’s postgame interview, implying a leading/irreverent question.


Wall Burrito

n. / wall•bur•ri•to

The act of awakening a bro by lifting his mattress and holding it against the wall.


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